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Your online presence defines who you are as a business. An attractive well laid-out website can portray to your customers and clients that your business is something you take pride in, and most importantly that you appear as the better option to potential customers than your competition.

One quick glance at your website homepage usually makes or breaks a customer’s decision to do business with you. Think about your own experiences online when searching for products or services, which company do you normally end up choosing and why?

With Web Design Chilliwack you get to deal with a local Chilliwack Canadian owned and operated company right in your community. In addition your website will be hosted on Canadian servers which makes a huge difference in local search engine results.

Website Features:

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Modern Technology  chilliwack checkmark

Our websites are built using the latest Web 2.0 technologies, utilizing XHTML and CSS, and are cross-browser compatible so no matter what browser your customers use your site will always look the same.[/box][/one_third]


Elegant and professional  chilliwack checkmark

Our sites are easily customizable and modifiable. With even just some basic skills you can maintain the content on your own site, or you can always purchase one of our many inexpensive maintenance packages to go with your site[/box] [/one_third]


Proudly Canadian  chilliwack canadian flag

Located in Chilliwack/Sardis you can rest assured knowing you’re dealing with a local company focused on helping the small business community in Chilliwack. Additionally we host all websites on Canadian based servers which helps local search rankings[/box] [/one_third_last]


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SEO  chilliwack checkmark

Our websites are fully SEO optimized, as any site should be. However the finer details and the deep understanding of how Google rankings work are what really set us apart from other companies. On-page SEO is only one small aspect of getting your website to the top of local listings for your products and services[/box][/one_third]


Social Marketing  chilliwack checkmark

Integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and various other social media platforms to keep in touch with your customers and get more exposure. Not using social media? You’re missing out! If your business isn’t already on the popular social media networks then that’s another area we can help you with[/box] [/one_third]

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