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Social Marketing
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The use of social marketing in today’s computer driven world is extremely important. Consider the staggering statistic that Facebook is nearing the 1 billion users mark. That’s roughly 1/6th of the entire planet on 1 website. The marketing power of this massive user base is huge

It only makes sense that your business has a presence on a site like Facebook because it keeps you connected with your customers. Every person who’s ever bought a product or service from you probably has Facebook, which means you have a method of communicating with those customers instantly in real-time any day of the week.

You can use high traffic social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to do things such as announce a sale you’re having, broadcast special events, tell customers about a new service or product, offer special discounts and coupons and much more.

This is the best type of word-of-mouth advertising you can get, and it’s completely free. Web Design Chilliwack can get your business presence on all major social networking sites, as well as allow customers to share content on your website by having us integrate your website with these various social platforms.

Why you should invest in Social Marketing

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Word of Mouth  chilliwack social marketing

Businesses have always knows that word of mouth advertising is the best type you can get. By having accounts and fan pages on the major social networks people can talk about your business, products and services, and most importantly tell their friends and other people in the same area about their good experiences with your business[/box][/one_third]


It’s Free  chilliwack social marketing

It costs nothing to create a fan page or twitter account for your business. However it’s important to get these accounts and pages integrated with your website and that’s where we come in. Leave the complexity to us while you focus on your business[/box] [/one_third]


SEO  chilliwack social marketing

Social Marketing and SEO are closely related and work hand-in-hand. When people talk about your business on social networking sites or link to your website the search engines pick up on this and rank your site higher because your site has become more relevant and current[/box] [/one_third_last]


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Customer Retention  chilliwack social marketing

When people see you using modern social media tools and being active with your customers, communicating with them, resolving any issues, then customers are more likely to continue using your business because of that connection[/box][/one_third]


Customer Service  chilliwack social marketing

When a customer has a negative experience with your business for whatever reason, you now have a method of resolving issues publically. You can dissipate bad reviews or comments and make it known to other customers you are committed to resolving issues and keeping your customers happy[/box] [/one_third]

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