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Reputation Management
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Your company’s reputation is by far your most valuable asset, and it is also the least controllable since it’s very difficult to change people’s perception of your company. Reputation management is a service that helps identify and manage negative comments and opinions about your company.

It’s a well known fact in business that an unhappy customer is least likely to tell you about it, and much more likely to go tell everyone they know about their negative experience. In today’s online social world this type of negativity can spread like wildfire without you even being aware through sites like Facebook. In extreme cases people have even created entire fan pages and groups dedicated to spreading the bad-word about a company. Justified or not, these things happen.

Fortunately there are some steps you can take to help correct or at least balance out any negative feedback found about your company online. Web Design Chilliwack can help you with the following reputation management techniques

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“Bumping” Pages  chilliwack reputation management

This is a strategic move using SEO techniques that can bump search results in Google to lower rankings when negative pages appear when Googling your company name. The idea is to bump these pages off the first page and replace them with positive pages.[/box][/one_third]

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Reviews  chilliwack reputation management

This involves adding positive reviews, feedback and comments about your company to different online resources such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Places. It also means responding to negative feedback and showing other customers that you’re committed to resolving issues[/box][/one_third]


Realtime Monitoring  chilliwack reputation management

With our service we can monitor negative feedback about your company in realtime across the entire web. This allows you to be directly on top of things and respond immediately to any issues that arise. This counterbalances any negative comments with positive responses.[/box] [/one_third_last]


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