On-Page Optimization for Chilliwack Businesses

On-Page Optimization for Chilliwack Businesses

On-Page Optimization for Chilliwack Businesses

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines there are literally hundreds of factors to take into consideration. However the best starting point is always the foundation, which is known as the on-page optimization of your website itself.

On-page optimization include any factors related to your website and its content only, which are fortunately factors within the control of all website owners. They can include the actual HTML code and syntax, internal linking structure, keyword placement and density, frequency of content changes and much more.

The first step you should take is to find your main keywords that relate to your business. The best tool for doing this research is Google’s keyword tool which is part of the Adwords campaign management. Here you can see the number of searches per month for the keywords that relate to your business.

This research is critical because often people are searching for terms you may not have considered. Sometimes subtle changes in the search words can make the difference between hundreds or thousands of searches. Consider mispellings, and local keywords if you have a retail location in a specific city such as Chilliwack.

Once you have your main set of 3-5 keywords you can start to optimize your website for those terms. Starting with your URL and image names. If you’re a dentist in Chilliwack one of your page names could be ‘chilliwack-dentist.html’ for example. And the images and alt tags on that page should also be ‘dentist-chilliwack.jpg’ and other variations of your main keywords.

The title of the page should also include your main keyword that you’re targetting on that page, followed by header H1, H2 and bolded text on the page.

This is only a starting point for good on-page optimization, there’s many more factors to consider. Web Design Chilliwack has many on-page optimization packages and Chilliwack SEO packages available at very reasonable competitive rates. Have a look at our service pages and give us a call or email us for a free consultation on how we can help boost your site in the Google rankings

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